Everyone Wins in Pitch Wars

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Earlier I said, “I may not have gained a mentor, but I did gain an entire community.” And I meant it. I liken this experience to registering for a popular, over-filled class, and not getting in. While waiting around and walking back from this registration line, I noticed a throng of other eager students. They really wanted the class too, to hone their craft, to be authors.

They’re like me.

I edged closer to the throng. Watched them play hacky sack on the lawn, took a turn myself. So many good people out there. I connected. I had fun. So when the announcements came out, I literally didn’t notice because I was so content with what I had already gained, the results didn’t matter (much).

When I did discover that the results were out, of course I scoured the list like everyone else (a few hours behind everyone else). My name wasn’t there. Rather than tucking my tail and scampering under a bed with a pint of mint-n-chip, I merely shrugged and went back to playing with my new friends.

There’s no rush to get to where I want to go. As long as I keep moving, I’ll get there when I get there. And now I have company as I walk.