"What is Professional Bliss?"

Most of us spend eight hours a day at work. That's pretty much most of the day. The vast majority of us would rather not have to work, but the bills are mercilessly regular, and so we work. But it doesn't have to be a chore.

In addition to the money we earn, our jobs can also be a source of satisfaction. A job well done makes us feel good, and it's even better when we are recognized for it.

I define professional bliss as achieving that nirvana where you actually look forward to going to work. Your tasks are engaging, you feel appreciated, and feel like you have an integral role in the organization.

When we're unahppy or dissatisfied with our jobs, it's usually because we feel like a replaceable cog in a machine. Our opinions are not valued, the tasks are not rewarding, and we feel like we're not learning a thing. Human brains need stimilation to be engaged, and company "machines" are rarely able to provide this.

My quest for professional bliss is an ongoing one. Even if I'm happy with my role in a company, there's always room for improvement. This doesn't necessarily mean finding a new job. It could involve finding ways to improve your current one. Complacency is an occupational hazard, so the quest for professional bliss benefits everyone.

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